The patient-centered long distance medical transport company.

We transport your patients with well-trained drivers and in a safe, highly reliable vehicle.

For over a decade, we’ve taken pride in our reputation as a customer focused, top-rated medical transportation company.

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Providing the highest level of safety and care for your patient's long distance medical transport needs.

All of our fleet vehicles have routine daily inspections and maintain state of the art safety equipment. Our dispatch team is polite and attentive to your transportation needs.

More than just a van, our specialty vehicle takes the stress out of a long trip and minimizes the pain often associated with these sorts of trips. Riding in our custom-built medical transportation van, you’ll experience a safer, more comfortable, and far less stressful ride.

Built to go the extra mile

We built our van specifically for the unique needs of long distance medical transport.

Spacious & Well-equipped

Enough space for an entire hospital bed, so that people with limited mobility or other disabilities can travel safely and comfortably. Medical supplies onboard to ensure the onboard nurse has the tools necessary in case of any emergency.

Onboard Nurse

Full-time nurse on board, for all your medical needs

Guest Seating

Room and seating for a guest, so that loved ones and family members can ride along on the trip (when medically authorized).

Secure Long Distance

Experienced medical transportation professionals.

Transporting patients across the continental United States for hospitals, facilities, and families needing to go greater than 350 miles.​ We go the extra mile.

Why Secure Transport?

As a recognized “trusted advisor” in the non-emergency transportation industry, we place safety, experience, comprehensive insurance, and personalized service at the forefront of our operations. Our commitment to safety includes state-of-the-art vehicle inspections and a technology-based monitoring system, while our decade-long experience assures customer-centric care tailored to individual and family needs.

Our extensive “A-rated” insurance provides peace of mind, and our responsive technology-driven platform ensures positive quality outcomes. Reliability is assured by our dedicated, well-trained drivers. Our drivers are W-2 employees, not contracted. This model is by design to more thoroughly protect our clients.

Choose our services and experience the assurance that we’ll go the extra mile for your transportation needs.

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